IHS is most known for our Link System, which allows us to integrate additional lines of real human hair into even the thinnest locks for a fuller, healthier look. Unlike traditional hair extensions which are glued or sewn into hair, our Link System allows us to avoid damage to existing hair, as weight is distributed evenly around the scalp, causing minimal pull or discomfort. Also unlike traditional extensions, this method allows us to provide coverage at the crown of the scalp, where many women experience hair loss that they’ve been unable to cover with other methods.

You can wash, swim, and exercise normally with the Link System, and the extensions are completely invisible. Maintenance for the Link System involves an appointment every 4–6 weeks to tighten the lines as your hair grows out.

We use this technique on both men and women, depending on the amount of hair present and coverage needed.


When little to no hair is present, we create custom hair pieces that seamlessly mimic hair growth from the scalp using high-end lace and human hair.

Like the Link System, washing, swimming, and exercising while wearing one of our hair pieces is no problem. Maintenance appointments are required every 4-6 weeks for cleaning and reapplication.


If you’re not experiencing hair loss, but are looking to add volume or length to your hair, our hair extensions are a great option for you.

We don’t use glue or heat to attach our extensions, so they’ll cause no damage to your hair. A maintenance appointment is likely needed every 4–6 weeks to tighten, or you can have us attach and reattach as desired!


We know how hard it is to find a wig that fits, looks natural, and suits your needs — whether you’re undergoing chemo or have full alopecia, or simply want to integrate wigs into your wardrobe. Our wigs are custom made, fitted to your head, and are made from high-end virgin hair.

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