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For the last 20 years, Leanne Mills has helped hundreds of men and women reclaim their confidence after traumatic hair loss around the world.


Leanne had recognized a need for a diverse, innovative approach to cosmetic hair augmentation for people experiencing hair loss. For over 20 years Leanne has helped men and women with different forms of hair loss regain their confidence and feel their best.

IHS Link System

Realizing that traditional hair extension did not give clients dealing with hair loss the full coverage they needed, Leanne set out to create a system of hair replacement that would give clients the freedom and aesthetic results that they weren’t finding anywhere else.

Personalized hair miracles.

IHS gives clients access to the latest technology in hair enhancement. Whether you're experiencing hair loss, looking for added length and volume, our salon is perfect for you. Schedule an appointment Schedule an appointment for a complimentary consultation or contact us for more information to find out what system would work best for you.

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