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Live life without worrying about your hair

The IHS Link System uses real hair and a completely original approach to hair augmentation for those experiencing hair loss.

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Innovative and Compassionate Hair Solutions

No Chemicals or Glue

Avoid damaging your hair with harsh glues and chemicals. The IHS Link System connects to your existing hair using our proprietary bead system.

Advanced Link System

Leanne Mills is a trailblazer in the hair industry because of her original linking system. Innovative Hair Solutions stays at the cutting edge looking for best resources and innovations to help our clients.

Even Distribution

The IHS Link System avoids the pull and discomfort while providing coverage at the crown of the scalp by evenly distributing the weight of your new hair unlike traditional hair extensions.

Low Maintenance

The IHS Link Systems is attached to your hair and needs cleaning and tightening every 4-6 weeks as your hair grows out.

“I struggled with hair thinning and hair loss due to alopecia...What I hadn't expected was the immediate change I felt on both a physical and emotional level."

Andrea, New York City

“I was so extremely unhappy because I no longer wanted to wear wigs and my own hair was too thin to style...About this time I was fortunate enough to meet Leanne Mills...My hair is lovely now, the color is great and what a terrific feeling to know I can wash my own hair and sleep with it...”

Paige, Beverly Hills

“She can have braids, up-dos or any other style that she wants. IHS not only gave Becca new hair, they increased her self-confidence. She became more self-assured and outgoing... For all of this we will always be thankful to Leanne. We love you guys!”

Rebecca's Mom, New York

“It is no coincidence that my social life changed about the same time I got my hair. The truth is that I felt so much more outgoing. When we like our outward appearance we feel much better inside.”

Francesca, Los Angeles

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