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When little to no hair is present, we create custom hair pieces that seamlessly mimic natural hair using high-end lace and human hair. We cut, color and style your piece for you, so you can look your best.

Lace Hairpieces

Lace is the most widely used base material for hairpieces. IHS sources the highest quality lace base hairpieces from abroad. This means breathable hairpieces that wont fall off. Our lightweight bases also prevent overheating and undue strain on your scalp, so you are free to go outside and be active without having to worry about your hair.

Skin Hairpieces

Many men choose a polyurethane base often referred to as a skin base. Skin base hairpieces come in different weights. IHS chooses high-quality light weight hairpieces that don't sacrifice their durability or stability. If you're using one of our skin hairpieces you might forget you even have one one whether you're running, swimming or just on a date.

*Like the Link System, washing, swimming, and exercising while wearing one of our hair pieces is no problem. Maintenance appointments are required every 4-6 weeks for cleaning and reapplication.


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